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April 2021 Update

April 2021 Update published on 3 Comments on April 2021 Update

Another update just to say I’m still around…I don’t remember when was the last time I updated with a post about the current status of this comic. I don’t like repeating the same thing over and over but since webcomic rules say “no update, means comic’s dead” but it’s clearly not, it’s just still on hiatus…

Yeah, okay, sue me, run-on sentence.

I’m on…idk page 23 of pencils. I’ve been jumping between each stage on different pages (so eg I have a bunch of pages inked, but 10 toned so far, etc) so that likely doesn’t really matter either as an update. Whatever I said in the last update, assume I did 5% of it because that’s how the Universe likes to treats me. (I did do the Patron page, that I remember)

Well, whatever. Just wanted to update yet again with absolutely nothing to show for, like everything else comics career of mine. IDK when I’ll finish the entire chapter but hey maybe this year I might actually finish.

here’s the dead discord if you’d like to join and lurk!

Fanart gallery!

Fanart gallery! published on No Comments on Fanart gallery!

No comic update yet (still working on chapter 4, and if you’d like to see them early access, you can join my Patreon~already posted first 3-4 pages!), but the fanart gallery has been made!! Huzzah!

There have been so many commissions, gift art, fanart, made for me for almost a decade and a half at this point, and there’s still a ton left to upload — I just decided to upload ones with the characters we’ve seen so far in the comic! ^_^ I wish I could link them to places where you can find more of their work but NextGen Gallery doesn’t have that option and I am not that patient anymore to deal with WordPress coding XD But on the art itself, I did let people know Instagram or Twitter or website links to where you can find the artist in question! (Now to hope it’s as visibly mobile as it is on desktop…)

I’ll likely be dealing with the Extras section next on the to-do list for the website, but that’ll still be a ways. Maybe when the comic update actually happens, lol.

Thanks for reading!

When are the new updates?!

When are the new updates?! published on No Comments on When are the new updates?!

Yo! Hope everyone’s been hanging in there during this time.

Like the dumb idiotic moronic chump I am, it didn’t occur to me to leave a post here for all new and returning visitors to the site, with details on why the comic and site hasn’t been updated in ages. In general, I have been working on things — I had decided to complete one full chapter before I uploaded it. I was actually going fast for my own self. Yes, the pandemic actually re-energized me, as opposed to how it…treated everyone else. Oops. But then uhhhh everything near end of May and now June happened and uhhh oops again, my anxiety spiked. That and my A/C decided to not cooperate anymore and since I can’t/won’t ask anyone to come on down to fix it, 85% of the time is me trying to not die from the heat now. But I’m still trying to do things! I’m streaming right now, at least every Saturday, over on Twitch:

Here is my to-do list for the future:

  • Finish chapter 4 and post to Patreon for early access
  • Post to this site
  • Create the Patron page on this site for my patrons at the one dollar tier and beyond, thanking them for their pledge
  • Update the Gallery with fanart or commissions done by others for me ♥
  • Something else I’m forgetting.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • …Slowly finish comics and upload to Patreon for early access?
  • I mean, listen, I haven’t had to use fans since I left my native country, I’m a little verklempt right now.

So yeah! I haven’t abandoned the comic (if you read my about page up there, you’ll basically know why), I just have slow progress. Then again, why am I writing this update, nobody cares in the first place anyway! 😀 Because webcomics don’t care unless you’re updating per week in color!

Anyway, bye, and take care!

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