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(Don’t) count on 20/22

(Don’t) count on 20/22 published on No Comments on (Don’t) count on 20/22

I like being funny with my titles.

Per my last post, whenever it was, whatever I said — I don’t even remember and I could look back to see what I said, but I’m really tired (physically) to the nth degree and really, what changed? Nada, zippo, nothing.

If anything, it got worse, because that’s what the Universe likes from me.

But first, happy updates because I just realized putting these at the end is self-defeating, as most sane people would likely audi out once they get to half of my spiel below. I should have announced these when they, uh, actually happened, but I forgot. I’ve been forgetting a lot lately.

  • I was a moderator and panelist for the first Webcomic Library Con! Me and some of my fellow Aradia Collective folk created and paneled about Magical Girls in Webcomics. This was waaaaay back in August, but it’s only recently that they finally posted the video online. I created a source page for all the, well, sources I used in the vid. Check it out here.
  • I was a judge for this year’s Comic Strip World Championship, hosted by the Oulu Comics Center. If you remember, back in 2019, I was the resident artist for this same center along with Liminka School of Arts. It was one of the best experiences in recent memory I’ve ever had, and I was really glad to help this year when Sami approached me! The link goes to the main page which has the video with the results, but here is the video that launched the competition.
  • I created a newsletter back in June of this year and I JUST realized I never wrote about the above in it. Welp. Anyway, I already have one post in the archives. Been trying to see if I write a second one before the end of this year but I have no idea at this point.
  • I’m trying to see if next year, this site will be under a new CMS. Nothing solid yet, due to some stuff below, but we’ll see. Mainly I’m just tired of how this site looks on mobile. Why did we let Google decide that if you don’t have a mobile version, you’re never getting listed in the searches? Phooey to “mobile design first” ethic. Phooey, I say! DESKTOP 4lyfe


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April 2021 Update

April 2021 Update published on 3 Comments on April 2021 Update

Another update just to say I’m still around…I don’t remember when was the last time I updated with a post about the current status of this comic. I don’t like repeating the same thing over and over but since webcomic rules say “no update, means comic’s dead” but it’s clearly not, it’s just still on hiatus…

Yeah, okay, sue me, run-on sentence.

I’m on…idk page 23 of pencils. I’ve been jumping between each stage on different pages (so eg I have a bunch of pages inked, but 10 toned so far, etc) so that likely doesn’t really matter either as an update. Whatever I said in the last update, assume I did 5% of it because that’s how the Universe likes to treats me. (I did do the Patron page, that I remember)

Well, whatever. Just wanted to update yet again with absolutely nothing to show for, like everything else comics career of mine. IDK when I’ll finish the entire chapter but hey maybe this year I might actually finish.

here’s the dead discord if you’d like to join and lurk!

Fanart gallery!

Fanart gallery! published on No Comments on Fanart gallery!

No comic update yet (still working on chapter 4, and if you’d like to see them early access, you can join my Patreon~already posted first 3-4 pages!), but the fanart gallery has been made!! Huzzah!

There have been so many commissions, gift art, fanart, made for me for almost a decade and a half at this point, and there’s still a ton left to upload — I just decided to upload ones with the characters we’ve seen so far in the comic! ^_^ I wish I could link them to places where you can find more of their work but NextGen Gallery doesn’t have that option and I am not that patient anymore to deal with WordPress coding XD But on the art itself, I did let people know Instagram or Twitter or website links to where you can find the artist in question! (Now to hope it’s as visibly mobile as it is on desktop…)

I’ll likely be dealing with the Extras section next on the to-do list for the website, but that’ll still be a ways. Maybe when the comic update actually happens, lol.

Thanks for reading!

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