Site rehaul! Still on hiatus!

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Site rehaul! Still on hiatus!

That's right! We're still on hiatus! But I needed to rehaul this because unfortunately mobile is king,and the previous CMS not only was woefully under-updated, but the mobile version was garbage. After wasting a year on another unnamed comic CMS whose devs, uh, decided to skip town on (despite being touted otherwise), I switched over to Toocheke. What I did in a year, I could do in half an hour with Toocheke, lmao. I'd cry if I weren't so pleased and angry at the same time. Anyway, YAY THANK YOU TOOCHEKE, for giving me a very good mobile version. There are still kinks to work out, but meh. Later.

(Desktop is still the optimal way to experience this comic, though.)

Anyway -- this must be the first year I find out about Webcomic Day on time, so I basically speed-ran the last remaining bits I needed to rehaul the CMS and design of the site!

...Is what I would have liked to have said, but speedrunning a site in a weekend meant finding yourself with a site that suddenly got so borked, you had to scrub the entire thing clean to do a clean re-install and make it work.

And then you noticed that all your previous blog posts and exactly three comments got deleted as a result.

(deep sighs)

At least the Wayback Machine's got a copy...and well, me, since I made a local offline copy backup before I scrubbed the entire thing but you know, for readers, the WM is useful XD

Anyway (part deux), hi, new readers. We'll come back from hiatus. Eventually. Maybe this year can finally be it! (*monkey's paw curls somewhere*)