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I have to write *something*, don’t I?

I have to write *something*, don’t I? published on No Comments on I have to write *something*, don’t I?

At least, to get that last post off the page lol

Uhhhh anyway, no actual comic updates yet. I have a nice job that won’t be a long one, and in the meantime, I’m close to finishing the website rehaul. Next comic update (actual comic) should also be featuring a nicer way to navigate this site, especially on mobile!

It will also have a Spanish version with the first chapter complete, hopefully. After that, it’s updating at the normal pace. Or something. I haven’t planned that far out yet!

I have no idea what else to write. Analytics say that folks drop off after page 11 of the first chapter, so I got nothing. 😛 That’s it from me. Have a nice day!

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