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April 2021 Update

April 2021 Update published on 3 Comments on April 2021 Update

Another update just to say I’m still around…I don’t remember when was the last time I updated with a post about the current status of this comic. I don’t like repeating the same thing over and over but since webcomic rules say “no update, means comic’s dead” but it’s clearly not, it’s just still on hiatus…

Yeah, okay, sue me, run-on sentence.

I’m on…idk page 23 of pencils. I’ve been jumping between each stage on different pages (so eg I have a bunch of pages inked, but 10 toned so far, etc) so that likely doesn’t really matter either as an update. Whatever I said in the last update, assume I did 5% of it because that’s how the Universe likes to treats me. (I did do the Patron page, that I remember)

Well, whatever. Just wanted to update yet again with absolutely nothing to show for, like everything else comics career of mine. IDK when I’ll finish the entire chapter but hey maybe this year I might actually finish.

here’s the dead discord if you’d like to join and lurk!



It’s kind of crazy that ever since I started using my RSS feeder again, I am actually reading comics! No just glossing over the update tweets overwhelmed by the latest disaster, but actually bingeing and having the time and energy to do so. Hopefully, I’ll be binging on yours soon enough.

I just heard that first line said in the Care Bears’ voices XD;

It says something that you are the first actual non-spam comment I’ve gotten! I’m also really glad you mentioned the RSS, because it’s been one of the last few web thingies I’ve been worried about. I’ve never used RSS, even when I first started using the internet, so I was unsure if it worked. I’m so glad it does! (I should probably looked into Feedly myself one of these days.) So by commenting, ya helped me haha. I look forward to any thoughts you may have after binging!

(And probably delete this depressive-ridden post at some point.)

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