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Welcome to Ara & Celi’s new home!

Welcome to Ara & Celi’s new home! published on No Comments on Welcome to Ara & Celi’s new home!

Hey there! My name’s NAAN and welcome (again) to my webcomic, Legendary Beings Ara & Celi! This site has been about two years in the making, and hopefully, nothing else will interrupt this webcomic’s new home again (and anything else.)

Previously hosted on ComicDish, the webcomic left off at about 4 pages before Chapter 3’s end when the site closed down around 2016. Since then I was busy with grad school (and graduating), and all that scant free time was spent figuring out how to code a nifty site like this! 😀 However, that also means we’re starting again at Chapter 1, uploaded in one batch just now! I want to try something different with this comic’s upload schedule when we get back to Chapter 3, and that is to work at my own pace and upload when I have a sizeable stack of pages to show. Of course, because we’re starting at 1, that means I’m working on Chapter 4 now as well. Hopefully by the time Chapter 3 finally ends, Chapter 4 will be fresh from the oven waiting to be uploaded.

As I said though, the update schedule is still random when that rolls around as well. So subscribe to the RSS feed or even follow me on Twitter or Tumblr to see when the next update comes! You can even join the brand-spankin’ new Discord server for the comic!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the comic! Thanks again!

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